BioResonance Testing

How LSM (BioResonance Testing) Works

Bio-resonance testing is the basis of the Living System Medicine approach, using a simple non-invasive process of introducing test vials into a person’s energy field while checking a muscle stress response to them.  Because we are energetic beings, the Living System Medicine process taps the autonomic nervous system as the basis of determining the stress response. 
In essence, it is asking the natural intelligence of the body to discover which areas are experiencing disruption to their energetic flow.  The immune system being the most important system to focus on.
Through this testing your practitioner identifies the key bio-energetic signals which are needed to balance the organ and the entire system.  
Testing is done using the ankle muscles with the subject fully clothed and lying on a massage table. 
Each testing appointment takes approximately 30-45 minutes during which a specific custom protocol will be developed.  
It will include several bio-energetic signals and clear written instructions on how to use them. 
 It will generally take 2-4 days to complete the protocol.


UPDATE:  We are always able to work distantly with individuals if an in-person appointment isn’t an option.  This became very  popular in 2020. The recommended signals will be Priority Mailed within one day or may be picked up at the office.