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BioResonance Testing

using the Living System Medicine approach to testing bioenergetic imbalances, our process easily and quickly determines key pernicious factors that may be hindering the body from functioning at it's highest potential. Signals are then provided imprinted in water to correct those imbalances.

Genius Quantum Biofeedback

consists of powerful balancing modalities that cannot only analyze the stress indicators in the body, but can also help to bring the body back into balance by energetic stimulation to promote balance and harmony within the biofield.

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Wellness Focused Lifestyle

guidance may include clean water and food, fresh air, exercise, emotional balancing, lifestyle changes, spiritual work environmental changes and other modality recommendations that may be of assistance in achieving personal goals.


“A few centuries ago medicine discovered that dirty environments had been the cause of plague and typhus in the middle-ages; now is the time to realize that the toxins and pollution resulting from modern civilization are a major cause of contemporary diseases. Municipal and personal hygiene sorted out the troubles of the middle ages; modern life-style diseases can be addressed with a new approach – the internal hygiene of the body. In the same way that the hygiene industry came to exist, a new field will have to arise incorporating a sophisticated approach to cleanse the human organism of toxins.”

–Dr. Josef Jonas


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Restorative Wellness Centre, LLC has been helping people for the past 20+ years to identify and shed hidden factors deeply affecting daily life and physical/emotional balance.

Mystery illnesses are abundant for which answers can be few and far between. What causes these mystery illnesses you may wonder? The influences can be many, cumulative and substantial over the course of a lifetime.  We can help you to begin sorting it out. 

It’s important that each person is met where they are at in their journey. I will do my very best to work with you to help you achieve your highest state of wellness.


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