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At Restorative Wellness Centre, LLC we understand that every person is unique and many things influence their individual states of wellness over the course of a lifetime. It's important to meet each person where they are at in their journey. There are key toxic factors that contribute to declining health and our goal is to identify and help eliminate root causes of mystery illness symptoms.   People are encouraged to work on their wellness challenges from many different perspectives including the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects.   Those who do this are usually most successful in their wellness pursuits.  You are in charge of your health.

Please take some time to look through this website to gain new ideas and perspectives.  It may be just what you're looking for.

The quote below describes what many believe is the world's best kept secret to health and wellness.......

A Fresh Approach to Wellness

"A few centuries ago medicine discovered that dirty environments had been the cause of plague and typhus in the middle-ages; now is the time to realize that the toxins and pollution resulting from modern civilization are a major cause of contemporary diseases.  Municipal and personal hygiene sorted out the troubles of the middle ages; modern life-style diseases can be addressed with a new approach - the internal hygiene of the body.  In the same way that the hygiene industry came to exist, a new field will have to arise incorporating a sophisticated approach to cleanse the human organism of toxins."

--Dr. Josef Jonas