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What to expect

Bio-resonance testing is a simple non-invasive process of introducing test vials into a person’s energy field while checking a muscle stress response to them.  In essence, it is tapping the natural intelligence of the body to discover which areas are experiencing disruption to their energetic flow.  Through this testing your practitioner identifies the key bio-energetic signals which are needed to balance the organ and the entire system.  Testing is done using the ankle muscles with the subject fully dressed and lying on a massage table.  Each testing appointment takes approximately 30-45 minutes during which a specific custom protocol will be developed.  It will include several bio-energetic signals and clear written instructions on how to use them.  It will generally take 5 – 6 days to complete the protocol.

UPDATE:  We are able to work distantly with individuals if an in-person appointment isn’t an option.  The recommended signals can be mailed.

Other useful information

Most people do report significantly increased energy levels and an improved sense of well-being after completing just one protocol.  Most individuals make bio-resonance testing  appointments regular part of their wellness routine for the entire family.   Ups and downs are a normal part of restoring balance.  We do recommend that each person complete at least 5-6  protocols while keeping a journal of their progress in order to evaluate the effectiveness of this process properly for themselves.  We live in an increasingly toxic world and are constantly bombarded with undesirable substances through our water, food, dental work, air and the environment in general.  It takes time to peel back the years of exposure but each appointment will build on the previous work if appointments are kept on a regular pace.

As with any approach;  there are a few who do not notice positive changes with this process. We may choose to recommend discontinuation or pursuit of other modalities after discussing the situation with the individual who may be experiencing this.

We hope this helps to encourage you on your journey into the pursuit of wellness.

Five reasons why  Restorative Wellness Centre, LLC services are different:

  • Uses a non invasive process of testing to determine needed bio-energetic signals and herbal products that are aimed at aiding and supporting the body in releasing toxic factors.
  •  A Drug – Free alternative approach to wellness.
  • Individualized consults which are customized to your specific concerns (not a cookie cutter approach).
  • The focus is on identifying underlying causes of symptoms and avoiding the “Band-Aid” phenomena.
  • And most importantly, no referral is necessary.  Anyone may self refer.

The Small Print

These therapies work well with other traditional and complimentary health services with very little adjustment needed.  It is not a replacement for medical care and a person must always seek medical advice for diagnosis and medical treatment of their health concern.
Nothing in the teachings or methods of the natural health lifestyle or bio-resonance testing is for the purpose of MEDICALLY diagnosing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, curing or caring for a medical diagnosis in any way or manner whatsoever.
Bio-resonance testing does not constitute a medical diagnosis or medical treatment of any kind, for any “disease”, and is outside of the scope and practice of the Wellness Consultant.  All of the teachings, recommendations and methods of the natural health lifestyle are for the sole purpose of restoring proper energy flow within the body and assisting people to learn how to build their own health.
Services are not recognized by the FDA at this time and are not covered by health insurance.
Payment is expected at the time of service

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