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 Restorative Wellness Centre, LLC
Vicki Usitalo, Owner & Practioner

Vicki has been practicing Field Control Therapy ®  (FCT) since 2002 and has studied under Dr. Savely Yurkovsky of Chappaqua, NY.

She has also studied the Living Systems Methods (LSM) under Simon Rees N.D. and Kevin Eakins.

You can expect a comfortable and respectful experience with this practitioner.

FCT® is an effective DRUG FREE approach that works well with other traditional and complimentary health services with very little adjustment needed.  It has emerged from many areas already in practice including homeopathic drainage remedies, homotoxicology, herbology, cellular/molecular biology and physiology, quantum physics (especially the work of William Tiller), psychoenergetic science and numerous other scientific areas known to man.

As the process has developed it has been found to be highly effective for adults, children and even pets.

Next Steps…

If the information here speaks to you, feel free to give us a call at (906) 487-7468 for an appointment or to speak with us about services provided.  Restorative Wellness Centre, LLC is currently accepting new patients.

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